Jonathan Plesel is a french motion designer and creative director based in Paris. He is the result of a five-year artistic direction course focusing mainly on the field of communication. He then made several clips in total carte blanche which allowed him to express himself fully and to develop different graphic universes that characterize him today.

Hello from Ambre

Ambre Collective is a structure created by two directors and motion designer. Being able to combine artistic direction with technique allows us to master the different facets of a project and to propose something solid and successful.

Thibault Zeller is a 3D artist and creative director based in Paris. He started his studies of graphic design and motion at the Gobelins school. By dint of personal work, experimentations and meetings, he ended up getting acquainted with the 3D which was for him a real creative turning point. Subsequently he worked 2 years as a freelance motion.